"My aim was to create a product that was not only tasty and had a velvety consistency, but also contained premium-grade proteins that naturally contained branched chain amino acids, and served a purpose."

━ Salvatore Martella
Founder of EVR-Fit Edge

The Story of How EVR-FIT EDGE Protein Powder

Came to Be

I have been a lifelong health, fitness, and nutrition enthusiast. My journey began as a teenager working out at the gym, learning proper weight training techniques that would help me to later become a natural bodybuilder. I attended college and forged my way into a career in healthcare. As the years progressed and I continued to evolve with my own personal health and nutrition, I looked for changes I could make to my daily habits.
One significant part of my daily nutrition included a protein powder that would aid in muscle recovery after a workout. For years, I used whey proteins, and although some of them tasted adequate, they produced some uncomfortable side effects such as bloating, gas, and even discomfort in the gastrointestinal system.
As I looked to improve my own health, I started paying close attention to ingredients, both the macro and micro ingredients. I wanted ingredients that were less inflammatory, better in function, and better for my overall health.I tried to turn to plant based protein powders, but I found the taste and texture to be intolerable or that low quality proteins were used. They lacked branched chain amino acids which are the amino acids that help repair your muscle fibers. Overall, the plant based protein powders were difficult to drink and lacked the function I needed after a workout.
This led me to begin to formulate my own protein powder that I thought would not only be great for me and my family, but for others who were looking for a better product with better ingredients - clean organic plant based ingredients that taste good and provide optimal function. I wanted to develop something that was delicious, had a smooth texture, included high quality proteins with naturally occurring branched chain amino acids, and was functional.

That’s when I developed EVR-FIT EDGE clean plant protein powder. I was steadfast in that the formula needed to be clean, which meant it was made with mostly organic ingredients, had a high amount of protein with naturally occurring branched chain amino acids, and had some added functional benefits such as what beetroot powder and mango powder provide. While beetroot powder increases nitric oxide production which improves blood circulation, mango powder is anti-inflammatory and has a host of health benefits. Lastly, I wanted this product sweetened only with natural sweeteners, a high quality stevia and monk fruit to add to the taste profile. No synthetic or artificial sweeteners.

With that, I began working with a food scientist and developed an incredibly delicious clean plant based protein powder made with organic protein, a blend that yielded 30g of protein per serving with 5g of naturally occurring branched chain amino acids. This formula was created to be delicious, nutritious, and to meet the needs of a functional protein powder for muscle recovery. This has now been added as a high-quality protein supplement to my daily diet. 

Many years have passed since my teenage years at the gym when I began my journey through health, fitness, and nutrition. I am still a natural bodybuilder, still work in healthcare, still have an active lifestyle, but now I have added a key component to my health and wellness - EVR-FIT EDGE Protein Powder. Join me on this journey to better health and nutrition.