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Evr-Fit Edge

Antioxidant Berry Blend Protein Powder

Antioxidant Berry Blend Protein Powder

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PACKED WITH PLANT PROTEIN: Each serving contains 30 grams of clean organic fava bean, organic pumpkin seed, and organic pea protein. The perfect premium product for those allergic to or following a gluten-free or dairy-free diet.

HELPS MUSCLE GROWTH & RECOVERY: 5 grams of naturally occurring BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) help to increase muscle growth, decrease muscle soreness and reduce exercise fatigue for the perfect pre or post-workout recovery drink.

ANTIOXIDANT IMMUNE SUPPORT: Natural antioxidant support from berries to add a delicious tart flavor to your plant-based protein shake. The Berry Blend contains elderberry, blueberry, mango, red beet, and tart cherry and is naturally sweetened with monk fruit and stevia.

CLEAN & NUTRITIOUS: Proudly made from premium ingredients, EDGE is vegan, keto & vegan friendly and free of artificial ingredients and sweeteners, soy, and gluten-free. Non-GMO tested & approved, and a good source of fiber, calcium & potassium.

DELICIOUS SMOOTHIES, SHAKES & MORE: Add one (1) serving of our pea protein powder to your workout drink or shake. It blends differently than whey or other proteins, so it's best to combine it with your favorite smoothie ingredients for a satisfying breakfast or snack.

INGREDIENTS: Protein blend (organic pea protein, organic fava bean protein, organic pumpkin seed protein), natural flavors, guar gum, sea salt, monk fruit extract.

Customer Reviews

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I ordered two. Expiration dates were only a month away. Not happy. No way will I use this in that short period of time. This does not seem right.

Off-Grid Family
A great vegan protein powder, fruity flavor.

The berry smell and flavor comes through and is very pleasing. This flavor is made even better when you mix it with some vegan chocolate protein powder, which results in a flavor that reminds me of candy. The serving size is 5 scoops, which seems like a lot volume-wise. This amount results in 9g of net carbohydrates, if that’s a factor you keep track of. It isn’t grainy, as I’ve experienced that issue with other vegan protein powders. It can be tough to find interesting flavors in vegan protein powders and this one is quite nice. All ingredients are recognizable.

The berry flavor is good, and nutritionally, this is a clean protein source

Flavor:The berry flavor is pronounced, but not overly sweet. There's a hint of chalkiness, but that fades quickly. This protein mix works very well in traditional smoothies.Mixing:This mix likes to clump, so I'd suggest mixing it in a blender instead of a shaker bottle.Nutritionally:This is a very clean protein source. This mix will work very well with most restrictive diets.Bottom line:If you're a fan of berries, on a restrictive diet, but looking for a clean protein source, this mix is a good option.4 stars

Decent taste

I recently tried Edge Plant Protein and I am so happy with the results! It is packed with plant protein, has great muscle growth and recovery properties, antioxidant immune support, and is very nutritious. It is vegan, Keto and vegan friendly, free of artificial ingredients and sweeteners, soy and gluten free, and it tasted great! I love adding it to my smoothies, shakes and more for a delicious, nutritious snack. Highly recommend!

I always hope plant-based berry proteins will be great but they're always just okay

This protein powder was definitely not terrible, but I'm always hoping for the next plant-based BERRY flavor to be something really spectacular. I've yet to find a good fruity/berry plant-based protein. I'm not sure if the flavoring profiles simply haven't caught up with the whey counterparts, or if the texture and flavor of plant-based proteins are just way harder to cover up than traditional dairy-based ones. At any rate, this berry protein works fine, mixes alright, and is more or less fine to use, but that's about it. It's an okay tasting protein, but definitely not something you're going to be looking forward to as a post-workout treat!