"My aim was to create a product that was not only tasty and had a velvety consistency, but also contained premium-grade proteins that naturally contained branched chain amino acids, and served a purpose."
━ Salvatore Martella-Founder of EVR-Fit Edge


Get The Edge With Protein Powder

The genesis of Evr Fit Edge traces back to the lifelong passion for health, fitness, and nutrition of Salvatore Martella, the founder of Evr-Fit Edge. Starting as a fervent teenager on the benches of the local gym and evolving into an exemplar of natural bodybuilding, their dedication led them through the academic rigors of college and into a healthcare career, where the vision for a superior protein powder took shape.


Driven by personal necessity and a commitment to holistic well-being, the pursuit to craft a protein powder that wasn’t just palatable but was aligned with the body's health evolved into our mission. The struggle to find a muscle recovery supplement free from side effects like bloating compelled our founder to re-examine the very macro and micro-ingredients that are the basis of our daily sustenance. The Quest for the Ultimate Protein Powder The exploration of alternatives led to a series of disenchanting trials with plant-based protein powders prevalent in the market.


It was the disappointment with their grainy aftertaste, subpar protein profiles, and insufficient branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) that ignited the determination to concoct the ultimate blend. After meticulous research and collaborations with leading food scientists, Evr Fit Edge was born—a revolutionary, clean, plant-based protein powder that epitomizes excellence. Striking the perfect balance between flavor and function, our concoction boasts a robust 30g protein serving coupled with 5g of naturally occurring BCAAs. The use of organic ingredients, beetroot powder for enhanced blood circulation, and anti- inflammatory mango powder complements the high protein levels to furnish not just a post-workout recovery shake but a beacon of health and wellness


What Makes Our Protein Powder Special?

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In line with our core philosophy, the Evr Fit Edge protein powder is sweetened with only natural sweeteners like high-grade Stevia and Monk Fruit, maintaining authenticity in approach and taste. It embodies sustainable muscle wellness for those who lead a vegan lifestyle, seek wholesome protein sources, or just about anyone striving for a superior post-exercise supplement.



Every Fit Edge is more than a protein shake—it's an invitation to transform your approach to fitness and nutrition. In stark contrast to conventional options lik Evr Fit Edge emerges as the best protein shake for vegans and fitness enthusiasts alike, promising a beverage that encompasses taste and the highest nutritional profile.



Crafted for optimum muscle repair post-workout, our protein powder supports your relentless spirit.



To the quest for satisfying vegan protein sources.


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With a substantial protein payload per scoop, we ensure your daily intake is uncompromised.



Labored over by experts, our formula includes premium organic proteins and the essence of functional superfoods.



We redefine plant-based protein shakes with a taste that resonates with indulgence, not compromise.
Join the multitude of meticulous athletes, discerning vegans, and health aficionados who've embraced Evr Fit Edge as their trusted partner on the quest for peak physical conditioning and a sustainable lifestyle. It's more than nutrition; it's a revolution we nurture with every scoop of Evr Fit Edge Protein Powder. Leap with us; for the edge, you seek in fitness, for the unparalleled zest in every shaker, for a legacy of health that echoes your ethos—pick Evr Fit Edge, where your fitness ideals find their truest ally.