Our Product is not just any protein powder; it's a carefully crafted supplement designed to meet the comprehensive nutritional demands of fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and anyone conscious about their health and well-being, including those who follow a vegan lifestyle.
INGREDIENTS: Protein blend (organic pea protein, organic fava bean protein, organic pumpkin seed protein), organic cocoa (processed with alkali), natural flavors, sunflower lecithin, sea salt, stevia extract, monk fruit extract. 

Get The Edge With Chocolate Protein Powder

This exceptional quality protein powder is formulated by experts who understand the importance of not only aiding muscle recovery post strenuous workouts but also boosting overall wellness and vitalityfor a more rounded approach to health maintenance. What sets this protein powder apart is its extraordinary formula, enriched with a potent blend of antioxidants.


These are meticulously sourced from a carefully selected variety of berries, each chosen for its unique health-promoting properties. The lineup includes the nutrient- dense blueberries, the heart-healthy strawberries, and the antioxidant- rich raspberries, making this protein powder not merely an aid for enhancing daily performance and endurance but also a powerful tool in fortifying one's health and optimizing nutritional intake. Our Product is designed for seamless integration into your diet, fitting effortlessly into various parts of your day.


Whether you're blending it into a morning smoothie to kick start your day, shaking it up as a post- workout recovery drink, or incorporating it into a nutritious snack to keep energy levels up, this protein powder stands out as an exemplary choice for anyone dedicated to nurturing their body and promoting healing. Its role in supporting an active, vibrant lifestyle cannot be overstated. Moreover, the delicious taste of this protein powder is a testament to the fact that one does not have to compromise on flavor to enjoy the benefits of a health supplement. It serves as the perfect complement to anyone's diet, looking to enrich it with a protein source that's not only rich in muscle-supporting amino acids but also packed with antioxidants that contribute to muscle growth, recovery, and overall health enhancement. In summary, our product is more than just a supplement; it's a comprehensive nutritional solution designed for those who do not settle for the ordinary. Its rich blend of antioxidants, coupled with its high-quality protein, makes it a smart, effective choice for anyone aiming to elevate their health regime, proving itself as an indispensable ally in the quest for a balanced, health-forward lifestyle.




Our product truly stands out in the crowded market of nutritional supplements as an exceptionally well-crafted product, meticulously designed to surpass the stringent expectations of fitness enthusiasts, dedicated athletes, and health-conscious individuals alike, including those adhering to a vegan lifestyle.
INGREDIENTS: Protein blend (organic pea protein, organic fava bean protein, organic pumpkin seed protein), natural flavors, guar gum, sea salt, monk fruit extract.


This premium protein powder was not only developed with a clear focus on aiding muscular recovery following rigorous workout sessions but also with an eye towards supporting the overarching health and fitness objectives over the long term. It is distinguished by its unique antioxidant blend, which has been meticulously sourced from an extensive variety of berries, each selected for its remarkable nutrient density. This judicious selection process ensures a potent mix of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants aimed at significantly enhancing daily performance and elevating overall health and well-being.


What truly sets this protein powder apart from its competitors is its dual focus on facilitating quick post-workout recovery and promoting enduring health benefits through its rich antioxidant content.These antioxidants are crucial for combating oxidative stress and reducing inflammation, playing a pivotal role in preventing chronic diseases and bolstering immunity.


The implications of this are profound; by regularly incorporating our product into one’s diet, individuals are not merely investing in immediate aid for post-exercise recovery but are also embracing a product that champions long-term wellness and disease prevention strategies. This protein powder also boasts incredible versatility in its application. It seamlessly blends into smoothies, and shakes, or can be creatively incorporated into favorite recipes, providing a convenient and delicious avenue for integrating high-quality protein and essential nutrients into one’s diet. Whether the primary goal is to enrich one’s diet with additional protein, to reduce recovery times post-exercise, or to fortify overall health with a generous supply of antioxidants, this protein powder represents an exceptional choice. Its delightful flavor profile makes it a pleasurable, nutritious component of any meal or snack, perfectly complementing any health-focused lifestyle with ease. Opting for the Evr Fit Edge Antioxidant Berry Blend Protein Powder means easing the journey towards achieving fitness goals. Moreover, the dedication of the creators to sustainability and ethical sourcing practices adds another layer of value to this product, ensuring that consumers can feel good about their choice